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pühapäev, 10. veebruar 2019

First ski alpinism (read: ski excursionism) in my young life ;D

Finally I got some shoots of Ice climbing. Thanks to papparazzo Luglio. Saturdays fun in Bletterbach

New week.... woke up at 5.30 with my dear couchsurfers, had caffe and went back to sleep to get up again at 7. Strong breakfast with Davide and allez! To the pistes! Unfortunately Pejo 3000 was still closed because of too much snow and the danger of avalanches. Poor Davide! No fun for him 😈
Sun was shining and it seems that it attracted quite some people. I was sunbathing with t-shirt

Would like to go up....
Tuesday, 5-th of february. Late afternoon ice climbing. Late because at first Luglio was breaking my neurons and when he stopped and we still decided to go I still needed to hitchhike to his place (its not the easiest destination... a bit illogic way). While hitching I made friendship with a donkey (in my opinion they are super sympathetic)
4-feet donkey. I didnt take a photo of 2-feet one.

...and then I needed to survive a car ride with a 2-feet donkey (an older middle age guy from Albania who believed that we shoud go to eat pizza some evening... because he is divorced and needs some copmanion sometimes :D. We didnt arrive to consensus, but fortunately we got to Dermulo and I left the car). Actually I shouldnt complain... he picked me up and transported towards destination.
I am sorry but again I didnt take any photos of ice climbing because I dont have space for phone in my pockets when i am wearing harness. It was short climbing because we were really late. 3 climbs and back we go... in the darkness with head light

Wednesday. Ayee, long and quite intense day. Started with missing my skibus. It happens often because of a bit weird organizing... my destination Peio is not important enough to guarantee connections between different bus lines. Effort is put on Madonna di Campiglio and Marilleva-Folgarida as they are a bit more chic and touristic resorts.... there are more moving wallets hanging around. But I dont care, i arrive faster by hitching. Nice weather, hard skiing till afternoon

View from Pejo 3000 (yeah, 3000 m high). Finally I tried the highest piste of Pejo... It made me sweat (the weather was warm and some parts of the piste were steep enough for a beginner like me)

...and then, ayeeee, maestro Renzo proposed to do a short bite of easy ski mountaineering. First time to try this sport and ski skins to not move backwards. You see, I keep trying something new every week 👍☝. Yaah, ski mountaineering is for people who love to make some effort... and who prefer to see some nature instead of cablecar. Its not that easy to keep balance in somebody elses traces... wrong steps sometimes made me sink into the snow... and i bended my ski poles (not mine actually 😆) quite a lot.
mountain house on our way

Forest and snowy peaks... almost looks like winter

And here we go, Renzo much faster than me 👺. That was one of the easiest sections of the way up. Almost flat and so wide path
...the day ends always with fire
I won again. Managed to make fire in the stove (I have became much faster in that)
Thursday: Trying to ski with "real skis"... hmm I dont know whats wrong wit my rental skis 😁😂😔 but Renzo borrowed me a pair of real skis... much longer than my 150cm yellow things. Anyway first day with those "real skis" was a bit wobbly (they were like wild horses), but next day was already much better.... need some time to tame those skis.
Sitting on a rock, resting feet before sliding down on "real skis" 
On friday evening I had again the joy of hitchhiking to Val di Non because there were some Icey waterfalls near Bolzano in program for saturday. Aargh, this bloody darkness on the road near Male. I still made it to Cles and Luglio picked me up from there.... so we were ready for early morning ride to Bletterbach.
Some of us walking towards ice walls

an example of climbable ice and group of mountain rescue guys having some training

Bletterbach, a Canyon-like place with many waterfalls

basic position
Changing hand to move left

Concentrating. "More anger and hate, please!"

Luglio and Flavia at work

"Luglio, make angry face, because anyway I cant convince you to pretend to have fun!", "Buona sofferenza!"

Our group + Andrea and Flavia

After-party. Sun started to escape, we did the same.
Sunday... today. Low energy, I am an hunger with feet. Morning skiing, afternoon bouldering in Tizianos hand-made gym. Fingertips are not used to this stuff anymore but I fought until the end of arm muscle power.... anyway I think I need a big fatty pizza.

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